Feedback on Role Selection Menu

I’ve designed a role picker with animations for a train game I’m working on and I would like some feedback on the design and animations.

[EDIT] After feedback I have made the background blue to give more life to the design.



This is a wonderful UI design, I like the layout and the font, and the colors and everything. This is a very well made UI, but the only part about it that I would suggest changing is the color on the second part of the first button, because the color kind of blends in with the rest of the button.


The animation you used fits perfectly, the passenger button, the driver button and also the dispatcher button were all constructed very well.


Having the driver button scale up and the dispatcher button scale down is a little conflicting, but the overall design is quite good. I like the use of colour with the minimalist and clean design.



Thank you for your kind words!

Although the dispatch baton is normally white I’ve made it slightly yellow and lightened the grey. Would you say this improves it or not?

Thank you!


Yup it sure does (reached like limit)

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Thank you for the feedback!

I tried to get the effect of it tilting backwards as thats what they do in the real world. What would you suggest?

Personally, I feel the background color of grey/black doesn’t fit as intended. You used this color scheme to show buttons as a sort of inactive, which gives the background a dead feel. This may just be me though

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would you say making it blue resolves this?

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I think this improves the design, yes. I would wait for extra feedback on this change too for I am no designer but it is looking good!

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Now that you mention it, I do see it. Nice touch! Also, blue on the background was a good decision.


If you were to colour it when it gets smaller in the centre I feel this would improve it in contrast to the others.