Feedback on rooms-like game

I am working on a game called Living Spaces, inspired by Doors / Rooms
Please give feedback, as this is my passion and I want to make it good

(High quality recommended, it’s quite simple so shouldn’t lag too much.)


looks quite plain, even rooms had better decoration. try adding some more decorations to the rooms.


I can’t use studio right now, but I will add some soon, thanks for the feedback!

From the image provided, it looks a bit dull.
Add some post-processing effects like blur, bloom or just change properties in lighting.
Example from my older games:
Depth of field, bloom, atmosphere (Density)

Good luck making the game though. :smiley:


I actually like the simplicity, like rooms. But I do think it is bland (no decorations), thanks for the feedback though! All of it helps

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Oh, you mean the new “Rooms” sublevel thingamajig Doors added.

Edit: Huh, okay. Didn’t know that.

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Actually, Rooms is it’s own game, and is the inspiration for doors, alongside other games.

your game is funny, however the sounds are too loud and i think the second monster is the most loud. like @cookthedev said add some decorations so it gives horror sensation, also dont use seats for the hiding closets, because sometimes roblox seats and difficult to seat on, also if you had multiple players it would be more difficult to hide since the monster is fast and there’s no chance to walk onto another closet. sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand

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I understand what you’re saying. I will make the monsters quieter

I’m just here to critique off of first impressions:

  • You should use the highest Roblox graphics quality while making thumbnails.
  • It looks like you’ve disabled shadows (either Part.CastShadow or Lighting.GlobalShadows)?
    (I would also personally recommend using Future lighting, it looks so much better and sometimes ShadowMap disappoints with Voxel-ey lighting)
  • There is some Z-fighting on the walls of the first door.
  • No door opening animation?
  • Dying kicks you from the game instead of showing a deathscreen and re-spawning you, and since there is no “Reconnect” option for kick screen, this kind of dis-incentivizes me to going through all the effort of closing Roblox and re-joining the game.
  • It’s pretty cool that you added some achievements :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Good enough telegraphing for me to know there was a monster coming near me because of the sound cues, the colors when they passed me immediately made me think of Ambush.
  • It felt a bit unfair that Ambush stopped making a noise for a few extra seconds than normal, which led to me getting out, hearing Ambush, getting back in and dying inside of the… tall glass cabinet? Would recommend putting a small animation of the camera simply tweening into the cabinet in any case.
  • Getting out of the cabinet means you have to jump, interesting little way of using seats, but could do with being teleported out of the cabinet automatically at the very least.
  • Could do with a few more particle effects, but the ones on Ambush (I’m sorry, “Follower”) look better than what I could manage.
  • Death screen looked pretty nice on highest graphics.

Hope this helps!


But if you do not know how to use the light or in general the Lighting and Effects, click on this link

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Thank you, that is very helpful

yeah im making a rooms game and good thing i never thought of a seat because i dont wanna rewrite all the damn code

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Well now that it’s beatable, it’s leaving alpha stages!

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once my doors game is out could i send it to you and you give me feedback considering you’ve already made one?

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Sure, I can give you feedback! I’m also adding the avatar photos of people who helped me into my game as picture frames around the map! if you want to opt out, tell me.

its all good i’d love to be in your game

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Good to know! this is how it will look in-game:

Edit: It has been published, so you can actually see it in-game

nice (stupid limittttttttttttttt)

I published it, so when you join the game and get that room, you’ll see it on the wooden obstacle