Feedback on Russian Aristocratic Mansion?

Hello, it is I, DesertedArtist, with a new post in a long time! Anyways, I am currently constructing a pre-soviet era aristocratic mansion. I am looking for feedback to improve what I already have so I’ll be able to make it the best for everyone once it is released. As always, any and all feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated!



Hello. It looks great in my opinion! I like the grey and green color mix. The only thing I should change is the part where you have that head on the front, it looks a bit empty to me.

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I like the style of the building but I think you should change color to something darker

Thanks for your kind words. I was wondering if you could have any ideas on what could replace the head?

I’m trying to make it somewhat more realistic therefore I chose a color palette that would be similar to those of the era. Here’s a picture of one such home:

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As you can see, lighter colors are more common on such constructions.

Hello there @DesertedArtist.

Your progress on this Russian Mansion so far is amazing, i really like the combination of the green with the grey but i was wondering if you were planning to make the interior aswell, or you were just going for an exterior type building.

But wether you’re going for the exterior or anything else, i’m really excited to see the final result, keep up the great work. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure how much of a mesher you are, but you could get a lion head mesh. You could either make your own, which is a lot of work, or just use a Roblox accessory that already matches what you’re looking for. Another option I see is crossing swords with some kind of centerpiece, which I feel would be the easier option.

Yes actually! I am going to build an interior, starting with a central spiral staircase. All furniture will be custom and the place will be completely outfitted with all the necessary! Thanks for asking!

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Actually, I love everything about it. In the future, maybe adding large pillars could make it more realistic and not like the building is just being held up without anything supporting it.

:open_mouth: Adding an interior would be definitely a great addition, but the central spiral staircase !! That would be for sure an amazing start, i can’t wait to see how it’s gonna turn out to be. Keep up the great work and i wish you some good luck. :smiley_cat:

Well, as @gbug suggested, a head mesh could fill up the space and would fit there. Or you could make some little fountain with a stream of water coming from the empty part with a marble statue from the owner. That would make the mansion look a bit more richer. Just some ideas!

I completed some more on the build such as:

  • Second Floor
  • Roof
  • Terrain
  • Hideout

These are just a few things that I have, or am working to incorporate into this build.


The hideout is hidden underneath the mansion itself.

One of my suggestions revolves around optimization, especially the optimization of unions. For interior pieces, don’t forget to do things like setting render fidelity of unions to automatic from precise. That’ll boost the performance of unions, and it’ll add up. I think the windows on the bottom could stand to have their window frames adjusted in thickness. Otherwise it looks fantastic so far. The railing on those stairs look fabulous especially. Keep it up.

I think it’s looking pretty good so far. Make sure to look for ways to reduce your part count to improve performance, but not sacrificing any detail. I’ll be looking forward to the final product.

Thank you for the tip! I’ll be sure to incorporate some of this.

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