Feedback on school?

I decided with the help of a scripter to make a yandere simulator like game! So I just started building and I need a l

ittle feedback/ideas! (I know the color is plain but I plain to fix that)


I feel like I don’t know what to judge since it looks half finished, maybe some vents, windows doors etc would be nice. Maybe some benches in the middle as long with maybe some litter.

Either way the locker model is well done


Quite nice! maybe try adding lights or some posters on the walls and, maybe keep a few of those lockers open add a few seats near the walls, and what @dandcx said, vents, windows, doors. Looks pretty good so far! :+1:

You shouldn’t make every mechanic of yandere simulator, because it’s pretty un-kid friendly, but so far it looks like it’s pretty empty, maybe some doors, pictures, etc,etc?


Looking great so far! You have a clear layout of what you want to build, which is incredibly important.

I would recommend using a reference to add all the minor details in. Such as the flooring, ceiling and other aspects you may want to add.

Here’s a great reference photo:

Adding an entrance to your locker room will help open up the space. As right now the atmosphere seems damp and closed.

Overall, great work! I can’t wait to see the final product. :grin:

Edit: Adding a bench in between the lockers will help to make it feel more welcoming too.

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It kinda looks like yandare lockers and lobby place. Is it similar to that?

Is this supposed to be a Japanese school cause if so then you missed the nail quite a bit.
as you can see there some levels to the building, for example, the area of the lockers is higher than the floor.
Also to save money they don’t have walls instead they have beams.
Other than that can’t wait to see this finished

Sorry if I came off a bit rude :sweat:


That still looks like yandare!

The place looks a little dark and plain, you can add some lights and decoration like pictures and plants etc. Overall it looks good, well done👍

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Looks good so far, I would add more details to the lockers. Maybe refine the handles, make more little details here and here. The lighting for sure is throwing people off. I would also change the floor up a bit as well. Add a tile texture, or maybe do your own. Overall, awesome work so far.

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Ah! We don’t plan to add everyone aspect!

Kind of! But we plan to add wayy more.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have thought this was a school at first. I thought I was looking at a build of a server room / storage room. The colors are very dull and there is barely any details. I’m just going to assume it is nowhere near done but with the colors and everything this doesn’t look like a school imo.