Feedback on Sci-Fi Bed

Hello developers! I’ve been working on this build for about 1 hour, and I figured it was time for the community to give their input on it. If you could answer these questions below, that would be a huge help for me! :slight_smile:


  1. What do you like about the build?
  1. What do you dislike about the build?

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This is probably one of the coolest bed designs I have ever seen. I would love to see what you could make with a whole bedroom. EDIT I dont think there is anything to change.


luv this but what is that black thing my I ask but this is really good

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That’s supposed to be a small blanket. Now that I think about it, I should increase the size and make it thicker.


Make it a floating bed, add some more neon, maybe even a retractable reading light, and you’ll be good to go. :sunglasses:

Also, those pillows need lots more fluff. :flushed:


The bed looks great! not sure if the sheets are supposed to look that wrinkly though.

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I like the overall design of it, as well as the idea. The frame is really well done, and the neon lights add a lot. However, one detail that just bugs me for some reason, and I don’t know how you would fix, is that the mattress doesn’t really match the frame much. The frame is sci-fi while the mattress is just plain.


I think it looks good. I think it looks very sci-fi. The pillows need a little for fluff. Also, good work with the sand texture. I see you used multiple meshes to make a masterpiece bed. Out of curiosity, what inspires your builds?

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Just pictures of cyberpunk apartment rooms. :sunglasses:

I think it’s an amazing bed model, however I wouldn’t look at it and say it’s a Sci-Fi bed. I think like @Dev_JayR said, making it float would really add to that Sci-Fi vibe you are trying to achieve. I also feel like there needs to be a little more neon or something like that. There is such a thing as too much neon, however I feel like since this is a Sci-Fi build, there could be a little more

Great modern bed build, however there could be some improvements for a Sci-Fi bed.


So mostly reference images? My building goes in phases of being better and then me forgetting how to build at all :confused:

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Maybe make ripples in the blanket, it would look so cool! Can I have a brighter picture? I may not reply in a while because Im at school.

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It doesn’t really feel Sci-fi. Something like a neon alarm and clock screen on a side of the bed could be cool.

RGB Gaming Bed? Please make it RGB some how.

This is very nice, but it’s not really sci-fi. It looks like a normal bed with texture changes. I suggest making it more sci-fi like, meaning adding some “futuristic” stuff such as making it look somewhat like


Looks alright. Could have some improvements.


The pillows are a bit thin.

I don’t see anything wrong, it looks really nice and detailed.

I personally have to agree with @alexfinger21, it’s a good asset overall; however, it doesn’t have a sci-fi structure or feel to it.

What I like about the build is how simple and understandable it is, and I don’t think I dislike anything about this build.