Feedback on Sci-Fi corridor floor

I’ve done the floor so far, it took quite a while to nail the details. I’d love some thoughts on my current progress, and what I can do to improve it.

Bear in mind this build is far from finished :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks very cool! However, the path is just a little repetitive. Maybe a different design in the middle section could be great. Also, the left and right grey squares for the path are all the same rotation, which looks a little odd.

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In my opinion, it looks great! I could never build such a thing.


It looks more like the floor of a training room or a cargo bay or something like that to me. It would look more like a hallway floor if it had, say, a catwalk suspended above it. It does look really good though!


Ill definitely take that into account, thanks.

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I agree a lot with what PengoMilk said. The orientation and the repitiveness. Other than that i think its really good!

the path looks great but i feel like it kind looks more like doors.

That is oddly interesting to look at