Feedback on sci-fi hallway

The build is below.
Also before you comment, it supposed to be white hence why it is mostly white.



The hallway looks incredible.

  1. The colour combination is great.
  2. There’s a good sense of depth.
  3. Hardly any bland spots.

May you provide a picture with a rig so I can get proportional sizes?

I understand the theme of the hallway is to meant be white. However, if you stare directly into the wall, you may not see (and appreciate) the amount of the detail and depth present. I would suggest using different shades of white other than just Institutional White. For example, Pearl White or maybe even Medium Stone Grey.

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Really love the design so far, one recommendation I have is somewhere within the walls, possibly add like a neon white or whatever other light neon (such as a light neon blue) to serve as an outline for detail, that way it can give more life to the wall than just be simply flat. If a player was to face the wall head on, I feel like it would blend in so well since its all 1 color, they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if it was a completely flat wall or its a wall with layers (as seen in your photo), other than love the build :slight_smile:


I love the amount of detail in this hallway, I also really like the placement of the assets. A few of my suggestions would be…

  • It may supposed to be white but its would be better if you could use different shades
  • Perhaps use different shapes of lights

I agree with the others’ comments on being careful with too much white, but I do think you’ve captured some nice detail already with a single color. Good job.

Your build looks amazing. I love the details and it is probably one of the best builds I ever saw on roblox. Good job!
Every single part of your build looks great… I wish that on a day, I will have your skills!

Too white in my opinion. Otherwise good job.