Feedback On Sci-Fi Shop Frame

Hello! After many months of being offline from the devforum, I have returned. This time, I present a modern/sci-fi themed shop frame. This took me several hours in photoshop and I plan to throw it in after effects for some extra spice! It is currently not being used for any games (just made it for practice) and I plan to put it in my updated portfolio. Please share any feedback you have, all is welcomed!!

  • ui commissions: open
  • discord: Feat#7361


Hi, I’ll keep your service in mind, it is very detailed, simple and original.
How much would it cost for a set of UI of such quality?

Looks good! But it might be better to have a solid frame behind the UI – instead of just that criss-cross pattern. With how transparent it is, it’ll probably be pretty hard to see if you get a strong color behind it.

Ah yes, that it because it it being placed in front of a live background. Thanks for the observation!

If you have any inquiries relating to potential hiring, please dm me privately, thanks!

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