Feedback on Scifi build

Hello, I am working on a showcase because I have a bit of free time currently. It is partially inspired by Subnautica. So far I’ve spent around 15 hours on it. Would love to know your thoughts on how I can improve it.


Holy… are you for real? The quality of the build is insane!
My only concern is the floor seems a little bit too plastic, which makes it seem a little bit like the insides of a toy spaceship.


This looks great so far. Maybe with more depth in the floor and a few more colours it would look even better.

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I recommend using DepthOfFieldEffect to get more realistic view.


Wawaweewa, very nice!

It looks awesome! It looks very clean, detailed, easy on the eyes, great use of colors.
Although i have a few suggestions:

  • The meshes outside of the ship needs tweaking
  • Add a texture to the floor
  • Lighting can be improved

And, it reminds me of the spaceship in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Keep up the good work! :D)

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now this what now players want in their maps
this is crazy i like it very much
not even the popular games have this kinda cool

maybe add some interactive stuffs

this map is best for among us or similar games

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This is insanely detailed! The decorations in the interior look well made, congratulations!

However, maybe have more texture in the floor as it looks bland. You can also change the lighting to not show up shadows in the background.

Overall, amazing job!

Keep up the good work!

Absolute beautiful showcase very impressive.