Feedback on SCP GFX

This is my first time ever trying any GFX, wondering what everyone’s thoughts were.




maybe make the background fit in with the render more? everything from the background doesn’t carry into the render, your clothing folds are not done properly, the way he is holding the gun is kind of… weirdScreen Shot 2021-10-10 at 12.16.59 PM
and the lighting doesn’t match from the background to the thing which is a bad blend.

good job i guess


I like the design to this. I can’t really tell if you designed the background or if you got it off of the internet, but if you designed it, I think that it can use some more detail to it, and maybe fix up the render a little bit. Other than that, good job!

I like your GFX. But i would add something in the background. It looks very empty. Good work!

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