Feedback on SCP type of entrance zone

Hello, developers.
Recently I revamped the entrance zone in my SCP game, but I don’t know how to feel about it.
Here are some pictures, please give me quick feedback about them.

Edit: Thanks to @Musketfall for telling me that I misspelled “entrance” ;D



I, too, don’t know how I feel about it, but trust me it’s better than most scp builds I’ve seen posted on here. The problem arises with the rather plain textures. The layout/design is nice and simple but I think you could throw in some grime-y/rusty textures here and there on the walls and floor, and instead of a concrete? floor, replace it with a tiled floor. I don’t know if you want to go for a dirtier feel but that’s all I can think of atm. (The empty space is bugging me even though SCP rooms are usually empty :sob:) The dust falling from the shaft… I don’t really know what that is so I’m unsure if it looks good or not. You could make some lights broken and/or flickering. Other than that, really nice job.

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Try adding a bit of detail, for instance a nice border around the rooms on the lower half of the room using a wedge and a part under it to try and give the room a bit of detail. Maybe add a few tables in that very open part or alternatively make the room smaller so that it doesn’t feel so empty. And maybe add some security borders to fill up the empty room.

Summary: Room is to empty and needs some detail, fill it up or make it smaller.


In SCP-themed games, shading and lighting should be good and They look good in their structure. Why not use SCP textures?

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I suggest mixing materials instead of having everything concrete. You could also put a brick texture over that concrete to give it a nicer look, personally what I’d do is add metal pillars near or on the walls to give it a more reinforced look. The Entrance Zone (you misspelled it) is typically located around Sector 1 and 2, which, are the more industrialised areas of an SCP site. For this, I would recommend you make it a slightly bit brighter, and adding more props as it gets boring looking at the same pipe racks and barricades over and over.

I would also recommend adding a variety of colours, instead of just smoky grey and medium stone grey over and over.

This ceiling could use a nice skirting and glass too, it feels really off without it in my opinion.

You certainly have a good start, it just needs to be improved.

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oh yes, it has snow too, but the pictures angle covers it :o
I plan on making it look better too, so gonna keep your suggestion in mind when making it ;D

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If I would have to add textures to every single wall it would take forever, since the whole Site is finished…
We (Me and @Administrator_OM3GA, who is a great builder and made a lot of assets to the game!) used textures in some floors, along walls too, but not every. We just don’t feel like textures would fit into the style. Thanks for the feedback tho, really helpful!

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