Feedback on Semi-Realistic Dog

I need as much feedback/advice/constructive criticism as possible.

So, thank you in advance.

Edit: Since someone didn’t think this was mine, here’s the speed paint.


It looks good but it also looks human in a way.


Could you elaborate?



what do you mean it looks human? its a dog


I guess it’s the eyes that make it look human

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This looks amazing!! The lighting is perfect, and the only criticism I have is the ears. They look very different from each other, one is longer and flops down while the other is shorter and sticking straight up.

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Ooh yeah i see what you mean.

Thank you so much for your feedback!

i agree, the eyes… they make it look human


Could you explain?

I dont quite understand how the eyes look human. That’s the shape of a dog’s eyes…

Yes but for some reason the way its placed and shaped makes me think the dog is gonna say “YAS QUEEN” or “Bruh” to me

Also make the fore head make more furry (or like add shading) because for some reason it looks more painted then everywhere else

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Could you explain in more detail? Or at least tell me how to fix it. This is the eye shape of the reference, so i dont understand.

Also idk how eyes can say that-

This is the low quality version as precaution for art theft.

Edit: Forgot to mention I was going for a painting like style

Looks like a picture of a real dog that has been cartooned lightly …

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I genuinely drew this-

I can post a video of the speed paint

I’m not going to lie, the dog’s eyes are kind of… disturbing?


What reference image did you use? They look too realistic with the paint-style of the rest of the image, with that shine and the detail overall.

Maybe making the outer eye lighter coloured will help? Or just simplify the eyes as a whole.

Also, maybe I’m just looking at it wrong, but it’s like the ear is facing the wrong way? As in;


Looks like the inside of the ear instead of the outside.

I think it’s an uncanny-valley kind of effect, where things look almost real, but not quite, which makes them look… off.


Maybe because everything else isnt as high quality as that shine it looks off.

I actually made the eyes pretty simple. Idk how to simplify them further.

I guess i can kind of see that? Tho to me it looks fine.

I honestly dont know how to fix that. Majority of people that have seen it said it looked fine (its random strangers too)

Maybe its because of the lowered quality?

I can show you the normal quality eyes, and you can tell me if its just this version or not

Dog eyes are more round, and circular. yours are very humanlike because of the shape alone being more sharp…?

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Well i do see what you mean there, the dog is supposed to be slightly squinting

But i understand how that might look a bit dif from the regular shape of a dog’s eyes, altho i dont see them as human-like per se.

Ty for clarifying it helps a bunch!

The eyes look a little out of place, but great work!

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Wouldn’t matter anyways … looks good