Feedback on Sewer entrance

Hello i made a entrance to a sewer for a game i’m making
and i would like to know if i should add or remove anything.

here is the entrance

Thanks :grinning:


Have you tried using terrain? might be worth considering before you get too far in. you can get some awesome effects and the water looks good too. you can recolour it green as well probably useful for a sewer…

I recommend making the sewer pipe itself have a bit more detail. For now, the pipe itself looks very plain, but that can, obviously be changed. Add some vegetation on the pipe itself, like in a run down place, make it feel like you’re entering something mysterious!

How does this look?

transparency isnt quite working on the sewage puddles, maybe you should try using a decal, like a .PNG puddle with a transparent background, and just stick it on top

okay ill try doing that.

should i make the puddles more see thru?

Its up to you, theres no correct answer, just what you think looks best…i did a bit of testing…
This is my decal

This is it on a transparent part. I have changed the colour & used some transparency on the decal too as well as duplicating it to make it looks like waves.

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ok ill try that when i get photoshop working again.

Gimp is free and basically the same as photoshop, if you want to try that