Feedback on Sewers

I’ve recently decided to test out surface appearances in roblox studio. So I made my own textures along with the normal and bump maps. I’m not sure if it turned out okay, I can’t tell when something looks alright so any feedback will be appreciated. Also if you find any seams point it out not sure if I removed all of them.


It looks very cool, may I ask what it’s for?

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For a side project I’ve been working with a friend

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Looks great but just wondering, is that the way you want the textures to be facing?

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Not sure if I understand your question, but yes that’s the way I wanted my textures to be facing.

Nice build. You can do pretty cool things with PBR textures.

Looks good, but the wood texture doesn’t really fit, maybe the rust texture or rock texture would be better?

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try to use some other wood texture that may fit my creation better.

The only thing that bugs me is the wood. That would erode quickly with sewers. Instead of wood, you could use metal support going around the roof to the other side and put mounts for the pipes to connect to instead of floating. Also, just something to add more detail; add a guard rail to the walkways.
So far, it looks really cool.

I prefer to have wood instead of metal rods even though it may not be realistic (maybe a few metal supports). The pipes are mounted however it isn’t too noticeable (I’ll add more detail to make it more clear). I plan to add additional details and guard rails seem pretty nice to add. Thanks for the feedback.

The water is a problem for me. At least make it gray/green to show the sewage :slight_smile:

Oh the water was some random transparent part I lazily placed.