Feedback On Showcase



I would rate this a 7/10 since it’s just a copy and paste but with different Colors. I suggest adding separate detail to each!



To add on to what @ScytheSlayin said, it’s basically just the same assets copied and pasted with little variety. Add some more details like bushes and such.


I would make everything larger. The islands seems small. For the first island, (Summer themed I think,) I would add a fountain. Then for the winter area, I would add the same fountain but with frozen water and icicles hanging down. That’s all for now!

EDIT: I forgot to rate it at its current state right now. I would rate it a 7/10.

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I would rate 6/10, there is nice aesthetics to it but as well as some issues, the pathway stones are the same shape, I think if you changed them in and randomized their rotation around it could bring more sparkle also if you could make some trees that go over the path with maybe falling leaves particles, I love how the ground is made and how it’s all laid out though! I’d give you a 7/10 if the pathways were more detailed.

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The showcase has a nice style to both, of the floating islands however i can say. It looks quite good so far but i do believe you should finish! First so it could like a fully completed showcase, overall the different details you added to it. Such as the vegetation and rock, paths so i went to check out your great showcase and when i. First join the islands really have the style your, trying to make but you have done a great, job on your showcase but it’s still in progress, however i recommend adding some (Summer Decorations) around. The area such as flowers, grass, logs, little pond, bridge, tall trees, campfire, mountains, mushrooms, pine trees, ect. Those are just some summer vegetation decor you could try adding! Since your doing the two seasons these are mostly in these kind of environments, but i would suggest either making the island, more bigger so it could be featured with the other. Different vegetation you plan on adding to your show showcase. I know it would add a nice addition, to the different floating islands just try adding! A couple of these ideas i know it would turn out great. However! This looks incredible overall i see you, added trees, and a rocks but a nice lake or pond, would be a very nice thing to implement. into your build! Only if you plan on doing this, that’s what i’ll recommend you do however you don’t want to. Go over board with the other decorations.

You don’t really need to add those kind of! Details but if you plan to i would recommend, you add some flowers, bushes, weeds, wrapped vines, rocks, tall grass, ect. However those are just some decorations you could try adding that to your. Showcase only if you plan on doing those details. As well for the snow theme known as (Christmas) there is a bunch! Of things you could possible add to that season. Such as logs, snowman, campfire, wooden cabin, frozen lake/pond, candy cane, ect. I know these details will make that island stand out a lot more, you just need to make different styles of trees, rocks, and plants instead of. Copying and pasting them all over the place i know if you do, this your showcase will look more impressive featuring! Other different kind of decorations in both season on the islands. As well try adding some snowy mountains around the island so it, could look more natural as well you. Could just add a couple since it’s two types of seasons it doesn’t, have to have a bunch of! Plants just a little. These are just some of my ideas! You could try adding. Around the whole environment if you keep it small!

Anyways, you have done decent job so far on your (Season Showcase) ) these. Are just some details your scene needs. However you don’t have to add all the, details i listed above! But if you plan on adding a bunch of. Details i provided you with some above and! Then you could add some more plants, logs, ponds, mushrooms, flowers, ect. Can’t wait to see what you turn this showcase into once it’s fully completed, very soon and the different, details you add to your scene creation great job on your showcase. Hope to see the improvements of it as well you have a! Great showcase here, with more vegtation and. Other details i know it will make your showcase stand! Out more and look more. Improved overall, nice job! On your creation so far!

Do you plan on making the islands more bigger, so you could fit these kind of details to your showcase? Or do you just plan on adding little bits of decorations into the small islands instead of making both of the floating islands bigger just want to know what will happen if you add a bunch of decorations…