Feedback on simple walk animation

So i just made this simple walking animation in about 5 mins please give feedback as i want to improve animating walking.

robloxapp-20200416-0052383.wmv (396.0 KB)
Sorry you have to download

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Hey, instead of downloads could you post a clip? People don’t like to download stuff to their device, meaning less feedback.

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Ye im currently thinking about just posting them to youtube then giving the link so its easier and so i have all my animations in clips but i cant be bothered to do that rn but i will probably tomorrow as im doing a lot
of animating tomorrow

That is a pretty good animation! I definitely see where you are going with. The arms and legs are pretty smooth.

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I agree. Maybe the head could turn right and/or and left a little while walking.

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Thanks for the feedback i will note it down

@helpfulllukemaster1 Here’s your clip in a mp4. Rendered it in my editing software! :smile:

I would recommend recording your videos in .mp4 next time, by using the Windows Game Bar (Windows Key + G) or OBS


Thanks saved me some time :D…