Feedback on simulator map?

Seems oddly similar to my old game Champion Simulator

The map looks well detailed with trees,buildings,clouds and more which looks nice. To me the map looks like a cartoonish Japanese styled map.

I would also like to ask a question: Why do you have a mix of objects with smooth shading and flat shading?

why do i see eggs in image 2
not every simulator needs pets

I didn’t really build this but this is a really old post lol, your map was probably an inspiration. We never used this map and ended up trashing it because we didn’t like it so you have nothing to worry about. (That game isn’t even being worked on anymore)

Pretty much nowadays they kinda do because players like them from what i’ve seen, I’ve quit the whole simulator genre because how boring it is, good for money though haha!

It’s all good, I don’t mind people taking inspiration from my games :slight_smile:

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I love this. This game will definitely be a hit on Roblox I give it 9 out of 10 as the first picture shows that the map is a little flat in some areas. I wish you the best on releasing the game as this map is totally wonderful. There are many more good words I can describe that with but it is more than wonderful!

Ninja legends didn’t come up with that, I had a game out before ninja and ninja took inspiration from some of my updates

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Really liked these, the last picture could’ve had a bit more though, also don’t forget to take the texture off the baseplate!