Feedback on "Simulator Pets"

I’m MuxToon, a Builder & Modeler on the Roblox Platform.

Today I’ve tried something new and Created “Simulator Pets”
Please inform me on what I can do to improve!

Thanks :heart:


Try smoothing out the models and adding animated faces and effects :slight_smile:


Nothing to see other than your average Roblox simulator pets. I am kinda getting sick of this bloxy, non-animated style. Try to experiment and improve your designs a little bit.

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Yeah, I agree. Most simulator pets are just the same model copied and pasted. Maybe try looking at references photos for a more organic and realistic design.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of Simulator pets. But I am making this for someone.

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Why does the duck have 4 legs?


Good Question, never really noticed that… lol

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This is made very well. However, in my opinion, the most important thing is missing.

The simulator pets aren’t very unique. They are like every other simulator game, no offence towards anyone meant in this message.

Try to give your own unique twist to the pets and make them special.
You have the skill and I’m sure you can do that.

Thanks a-lot!
Really appreciated

smooth out the model, have a better transition between the tail and body, and add faces :upside_down_face: