Feedback on Single player horror (WIP)

I’ve noticed a lot of the horror games currently, have more or less of the same mechanics, you know the one with the black screen and animation when you get touched, you die? I’ve played through many horror games all with this mechanic, and it got somewhat tedious. I’m not saying they are bad games, however horror should be a little more than jump scares and monsters.

I’m currently working on a single player horror game, currently untitled (However working on a few) based on a storage unit, the idea behind this was - if you’ve ever been to a storage unit, they are somewhat like a maze, and if you’ve been one at around midnight, and its empty, its even worse (Especially when the lights hardly work) - So I’ve taken this idea, of a maze and a storage unit, and the idea is to make the player feel claustrophobic and alone, focusing mainly on sounds and ambiance to make the playey feel like they’re…not alone.

In addition to this, the game will also be story driven, with player objectives and a mystery to unravel as the player goes along, with many of the storage units, (I have not counted how many) being opened/or partial open with clues and other aspects to make the game feel a bit more real.

Screenshots from the game

I could add alot more screenshots, however the fact its supposed to confuse and make you lose sense of location in game, they would mainly be the same screenshots from different angles.

The build at this stage is about 90% done, with just additional tweeks and finer details to be implemented, along with the scripts, that are currently being added into the build as we speak.

I’m looking at Beta testing for a select group of people before release if anyone is interested in doing this, shoot me a DM on forum and I’ll get back to you. Any feedback or ideas that anyone would like to see implemented into a horror game I am more than welcome to hear!

The group for the development can be found HERE - Slightly WIP


The game idea is very interesting and definitely sounds like a good scary game. I played most of the horror games on roblox and a lot of them are boring or just not scary at all. would love to play this when it’s ready!

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Thanks! Yeah I lately noticed all the horror games I played were just repeats of animations and death like, nothing was original, so I decided to take it back towards actual horror and using ambiance and sound instead of typical jump scares

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Updated some of the images and added more information about he game itself.

Added the group link for those interested!