Feedback on Skywars-style game

I’ve been working on this Skywars-type game for a few days now and would love some feedback on it. It’s basically a game where players spawn on islands with a sword, bow/arrow, blocks to build with, and a pickaxe, and they have to build to the other islands and be the last player standing.

This game uses the best weapons framework I’ve ever built, a custom server-sided anti-exploit, and is well-optimized to ensure that there are no lag or latency issues.

The game is quite fun to play with multiple other players. Keep in mind that this game isn’t yet complete, so some features like the lobby/round system are not yet in place.

Give it a go, let me know what you think. Thanks for your feedback.

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the animations are :sparkles: perfect :sparkles: although i may be biased because i don’t know anything about animations (maybe one or two); and even though i have not gotten the multiplayer experience (maybe because i don’t have friends-) i can see the potential in this.

but there is one thing that bothers me. the gap. the great tiny gap.

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The great gap must live!

In all seriousness though, that’s just how the blocks are spaced, if I brought them any closer they would clip and look pretty bad.

Thanks for your feedback!

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animations are great and I liked the mining system. it’s obviously very early in development so I can’t really give much criticism, but here are some of my suggestions for the game:

  1. dirt particle effects that emit when you mine or place something

  2. spectate screen of the player that killed you for ~5 seconds after you die

  3. an axe to chop trees (?) this could also give the apples a use if you were to add something like hunger or a hunger game mode

  4. bigger map obviously, maybe with different biomes or have it change size depending on how many players are in the game so that it’s not a bunch of players on a small map or very little players on a huge map

  5. powerups that spawn randomly around the map like +10 blocks, faster walkspeed, higher jumps, invincibility for a specific amount of time, etc.

  6. coins system from winning games that lets you buy perks or armor

that’s all I could think of, hope this helps! :+1:

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