Feedback On Small Map

First time ever really attempting to build. I think it turned out quite nice. I was trying to go for a more old Roblox look, let me know what you think.

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Considering it’s your first build, I am really impressed. I mean it looks really nice with the small details you’ve added and such. Although I think maybe you could make the “height” of the path a little smaller. Instead of 1 stud maybe make it 0,5. Otherwise, looking nice for a older style/type of game.

Thank you, I appreciate that! I changed the size of the paths as you said.

In my opinion that seems better! Good luck forward :slight_smile:

I’d remove the studs on the sides of the path to make it more seamless. Right now, the studs are cut off and it looks a bit weird.

This looks really good for a first build. If I were you, I wouldn’t blend materials with plastic studs together as it gives off a weird look. Other than that, good job!

Do you mean that I should change the ground to studs as well? I also removed the studs on the side as well and made a bench. Also thanks!

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Yes. If you’re going for a classic Roblox era build, you should stick to studs for the ground (or any large square and rectangular objects), and make the rest (like the bench) smooth plastic (plastic works too).

That’s just my opinion, though. You’re free to do whatever you’d like.

This map is so much better that you take time small. It’s so much hard that we’ve created

I said this map so much nice and I like it

Your build looks nice for an old-style Roblox map, but the flowers in the center appear (to me) a little too excessive. Maybe try removing some of the flowers and adding a tree or two? :wink:

This small map looks good! Nice job on it!

Sorry for the late response and thanks! Yeah, I also think that the flowers are a bit much now that I’m looking at it. So I’ll definitely be changing that, I might even add like a little cave or something instead of trees just to add some variety or something like that.

Thanks man, I appreciate that!