Feedback on (Smooth Plastic) crane! | Aebics |

Just finished making a crane and couldn’t wait to show it!
How did I do?

Here are some screenshots of the crane


Let me know your thoughts about this crane!
(and no its not functional, just built to look nice)



That looks very clean and cool, good job

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For the Fundamentals of a Smooth Low Poly Crane, you have done very well indeed.
It really does capture realism to a low poly extent as to what should a crane should be.

If your looking to improve I have two points.
Maybe consider adding supports to the bottom of the crane, I don’t think its realistic something that tall isn’t supported fully at the bottom.

You should also consider adding a hook to the top of the cargo container, nothing too major but just like a magnet or something similar.

Apart from that you’ve done very well and should be proud of your crane.

Stay Creative and Safe

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Thank you for the feedback! I will take those points and improve my build :+1:


Very nicely done for low poly - good job

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So cool! Are you using it for a game?

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No actually, just putting my building skills to the test… I’m learning scripting right now so I’m expecting to be ready to go on making my own short game project by roughly the end of this year!

Looks amazingly done, made with ROBLOX or blender it’s super good!

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Thanks! It was made in Roblox Btw :slight_smile:

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Pretty cool. The support of the crane is very small though, doesn’t look very safe with such a tiny block. Maybe look at some images for reference.

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It looks great! Is this your first attempt?

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This is my second attempt, just a different style on the build, thx for the feedback :+1:

Hey @Aebics! Great job on the crane! Keep up the good work! :wink:

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