Feedback on some of my GFX

Hi hi, I’m Timing and I do some wacky gfx for a branch within the USAF army group. Lately, I’m not sure what to think about some of my gfx and I would like to hear your opinions. Don’t be scared to go harsh. ;)!


Looking pretty clean, simple and nice. I like it :sunglasses:

Pretty good, good job! I love the textures and how it’s designed. The light is amazing! Well done.

I like the details of the models you’ve added into it! For the mountains, I think you can increase the roughness of it to not make it look like plastic. It will be even better if there’re textures on it. Besides that, I think some of your GFXs are a bit too dark, making it pretty hard to see. Overall, great job, keep up the awesome work!

Thanks, that’s what I strive for, the attention being based on the center model!

Thanks for the feedback, yes I agree with you on the mountains, they seem really plain. I tried to play with textures but the UV map proved too difficult to implement.

Totally agree. The lighting is beautiful.