Feedback on Some of my Recent GFX

Hello there!! Here are some of the recent GFX I’ve made, please give feedback and tips. (be harsh)

Note: If you are wondering I use both Blender and Pixlr.


For the first one the player needs a light on her because shes to shaded like if shes under a tree. The second one is fine maybe try putting a cool dark aura on the player. The third one is all fine except for the shadow on her face from the fedora, maybe to low on the face make it a little higher, the shadow makes it seem that the fedora is way longer than it looks. The last one looks great. Hope this helps you, i’m just giving honest Feedback

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On the first one, maybe make the character wave. Other than that, it looks great! :+1:

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Couple of things:


Try to work on making the lighting on your characters match your backgrounds so it doesn’t look as much like its just pasted on, like so:

2.Background choice

The backgrounds you’ve chosen are often quite ill-fitting, such as the ninja one. The maroon is such an odd color choice when you could’ve just gone with white.

With the others, the backgrounds are either low resolution or the contrast is really, really high.


Looks very good. The one thing in all of them is the lighting, except from the third thats okay. You could improve the lighting and the ‘skybox’ the character is in.

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I love the smoothness of the characters, it makes the graphics designs look much more aesthetically pleasing. I also really like the lighting in the 2nd image. A few of my suggestions would be…

  • Try to use a different background (all of them)
  • Make the text in the first image more eye-catching
  • Reduce the light vignette in the 3rd image
  • Try to improve the lighting, you can look as a tutorial here:


Try improving the lighting on all of them, and try to make as much shadows as possible. Also work with different colored lights because only white isn’t natural.

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These gfx is not bad try to focus on improving your lighting.

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