Feedback on Some Quick 2 Minutes Backgrounds!

Hi DevForumers! (lol is that a word? :joy:)

Tell me your feedback on these backgrounds. They would be used for a standard 512x512 Roblox logo GFX.



Twirled Sunburst:

This is part of the Ultimate Logo Kit I made completely with Photopea and I want to release it to the public soon. However, I wanted feedback on these backgrounds first.


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These look a bit low resolution. Maybe fix that? Otherwise, these look alright.

How did you make these in PhotoPea?


They look pretty decent to be made in 2 minutes.

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I did a gradient, Distort: Wave, Distort: Polar Coords, (the second one ALSO has Distort: Twirl at 90 after the second step), then a circle with transparency at one end.

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The low resolution was probably because I made it at 512x512.

There are many backgrounds that are similar to this and have been made. I would recommend increasing the resolution to have a clearer image.

However, I feel like much feedback can’t be provided since it’s not other details put into it and it’s mainly used for graphic designing or using it for the artwork. You can check out other images to get general ideas on ways to create other backgrounds rather than common ones that are already being used from different artist.

As for feedback there good for 2 minutes and are well made, at the start there isn’t much feedback that could be given. My only recommendation if you’re making a large kit full of different type of styles, consider putting more effort into creating many types of styles to showcase if you’re planning on releasing a pack for other developers - artist to use.