Feedback on some showcase scene I made

I could use some feedback on this scene I built in some spare time.

(Just noticed the selection box, wasn’t there earlier…)

Good build! Although my feedback for now is, where are the roads? If you can, can you post more pictures so I can get a quick reference? Thanks!

Like @n3ptunium said, I can’t really see much as there aren’t really any photos to look at. When you can, please post more photos and I’ll be sure to get back to you when I can.

The roads are also the sidewalks, so I don’t know…
(It’s kinda hard, I tried to separate the roads and sidewalks, but there was too much difference in height.)
I will get back to you. It’s in progress so when I can show you more, I will.

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The reflections looks very nice but u could add some work on the buildings

Yes, I do plan on doing that. No good showcase has low detail :!

have u tried playing with the lightings adding some effects?

Yes, I’m using FiB lighting, though it does cause my GPU to sometimes hit near-100% usage.

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how come the light on the middle isn’t emitting light

Which light do you mean? It seems that all the lights emit light.

well if that’s right then the middle light should be removing those shadows coming from the other light

Is this better?

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