Feedback on some UI

Hey Guys, I’ve been doing some UI for a good time now and I would like to know your opinion on this commission I made not so long ago.


I know there are a few problems but I have resolved many of these issues such as allignments and Scaling


Hello! I really enjoy the UI you displayed, but it seems to lack detail. I recommend adding different styles, and different fonts to spruce it up a little! Your UI’s also seem really cramped. I recommend making the UI a bit larger, and space the Text Labels, Pictures, and Frames out a bit. Other than that, it looks great!


Hello, I have some suggestions/comments to give about your UI design. You may be aware of these already, however I’d just like to point them out.

General Comments

  • Add icons/symbols to your UI. As of now it looks like a plain menu, however I like the arrangement of the segments.
  • Try using different colors on your UI. Using purely purple personally does not look pleasant.
  • The “End” and “Retry” text size is inconsistent.
  • You may want to blur the background on certain menus that make use of the center screen or just all of the menus in general.
  • Some parts of the UI may look better when smaller.
  • The design is simple and minimalistic, it looks user friendly and has a good amount of content.


Your UI prioritises function over design, so you may need to balance these out. I like the overall layout and concept, however it does lack some elements such as color and icons/symbols to make it look more appealing. Nice work :slight_smile:

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Hello! Your UI’s are great!
However, I would:

What to improve:

  1. Reduce the amount of text (put logos instead)
  2. Reduce the text size for better alignments

You’re on a great direction! Although you gotta remove some texts and resize them! :smiley:

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