Feedback on Song

I got a commision to make a song for the end of a story game, and so I did so. I need feedback though. Have a listen and tell me what you think!


i really like this it gives me an intro a game kinda vibe can i have it lol its ok if not

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Sorry, its private. Thank you for asking first however!

oh ok Np!! anytime i just didn’t want to do copyright lol but you know ppl can just down;load it right

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people can just download this if you put it like that… (insert technoblade bruuhhh)

very fitting for an end credits person walking scene 10/10


I really like the ending vibe from this. I also really like the instrumental. Nice job!


I used to make audio for games and I must say this is really good. Definitely sends of the perfect vibe for a happy conclusion to a game. Great work man :slight_smile:

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Very good! It ends kind of suddenly though. Perhaps consider fading it out, perhaps letting it echo for a few seconds so that it isn’t so abrupt. Overall nice job!

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I love this so much! It gives off a relaxing and chill vibe. I really love the ending too.


I’m not sure if you hear it too, but the 2 notes that go lower, higher, lower, and etc, are a little off, which is a little unusual, but other than that, it’s pretty good!

I kind of feel there should be a drum in the second part. You had a kick in the first half and the drum only comes back at the end. The sweep fx I think is perfect and your chords harmony is too! :+1:

can i hire you for some music I LOVE THIS SONG

Why not. As long as I get paid Haha. We can discuss on discord: Dom.#6274

i don’t have discord can i message you and yes you can get paid

I like it! It kinda reminds me off the Sunday theme from SCP-3008 on Roblox. Anyway, yeah, this is really cool :slight_smile:

Well, not the whole song, just the very start :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice! It makes you feel like you’ve just completed a game and/or finally defeated an enemy and saved the world!

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The bass is out of tune. The arp is nice, and the blend of the instruments is decent, so is the mixing. The snare fill at the end sounds very sample-sh and not natural at all. Overall this is a great idea for a story game.
Sounds nice! Keep it up!

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Ok, please take this as nothing more deep or shady than constructive criticism.

In the first 5 seconds the beat was a little like edgy or just like kinda hurts the ear (I have absolutely no knowledge of music, just saying this as a music lover.)

I feel like the beat should be a little softened (lol I sound like a graphic designer.)

Other than that the music is amazing and gives like the ending of a story game vibe. :smiley:

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Sounds great, I’d say that commission is worth it.

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