Feedback on space shuttle room

I’m currently in the process of making an Alien game on Roblox and this will be one of many rooms for the demo. The xenomorph behind the door is just something extra I added as a little teaser. Honest opinions and feedback on anything I need to add/fix


Or you can look around yourself here


Forgot to mention that I’m still working on the back wall, so that’s why it’s so blank

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Looks awesome, Maybe add some plants?

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This room looks very basic, try adding details, colors, glowing things, the kind of feel that an alien room gives, also the railing corner edge could be improved and the blood too. Other than that, it looks simple and well done.

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Hi There! I really enjoy this, but I think it is missing a few crucial aspects. I really enjoy the dark atmosphere, but I feel like it is a bit too bright. I suggest removing the current lighting, and add a few vents with a neon glow coming from it to supply a bit of lighting. The room does seem a bit empty, so I suggest adding a few chairs to the back walls. Along with that, I suggest adding a button panel to fill up some of the emptiness. Other than that, I have no further suggestion. Good Luck!

If the genre is Si-Fi then it should be a little bit more colorful, add more neon blue and more detail. Other than that it looks good.

It is detailed. Though it looks more like a Fallout Bunker than a Sci-Fi game. I suggesting making the lights blue or red for that Sci-Fi feeling. Don’t have it be plain, full of decoration. Again, I suggesting having source material for decoration.

Despite this, it is a great start! Keep up the great work!

I’ve been looking at what people said and looking at the build, and I think it’s walking a line between sci-fi and industrial/Fallout shelter. To make the sci-fi pop, I recommend getting some dark colors in some of the empty spots, maybe adding some colorful neon like reds and blues as well. It would also be helpful to add some panels with segments of piping (I like to call them “greebles”).

Below is an example of a sci-fi panel with greebles (this image is not mine, I found it off Pinterest). It fits in really anywhere you might feel that your surfaces are flat.

Greebles Image

[EDIT: After seeing the game, I noticed the mood ambience and really like what you did with it, as well as the sound. It’s giving me great showcase vibes.]


Thank you for all the feedback. I will definitely put more colors and things to make it look natural