Feedback on spiderman game themed dialogue UI

What do i add in this? im confused…


cant read maybe remove a text of a color


what u mean ???..

the watermark?

You can read, just look closely. I know watermark is a little annoying when it comes to reading but it has a reason to be here, you do realize if the owner removes it, people can steal the art right?


I don’t think that it would be a good idea to remove the watermark lol.

Do you think that you’d be allowed to use Iron Man in your game without breaking a copyright?

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That looks quite plain. Try adding some images in the background or just change the colours.

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i mean im just practising and even if it is i dont think so its rulebreaking

can you recommend like colors or etc?

Since it’s Iron Man, I would recommend using red and yellow.

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gradient or how??? pls show an sample

Change the colour of the text to red and the background to yellow or the other way around if you like.

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