Feedback on Squid Game icon

Hello developers! I’m an intermediate 3D GFX artist. I made this GFX for a Squid Game GFX pack I’m planning to sell. And it was made in blender 2.9 and photoshop. If you have any feedback please reply below all feedback is appreciated.



Wow!! That’s so impressive! I legit really like the detail of it. Very cool man, nice job! :star2:

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It is very good, I love it. But I would change the Circle on his head to be less brighter since it is raining and also try to make the top of the rocks behind him less visible like more so foggy in a way.


Thanks for the feedback! I will change the brightness and make the rocks less visible.


If possible, I would consider something that would help separate the background from the model. Seeing as they’re both darkly colored, its kinda hard to see.

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Uhm maybe Change the Gun to the Original Pink Guard Gun. Like this


Wow, I also tryed to make some GFX’s for my portfolio, but this one is absolutely a other level of detail and effort. You have my full respect! Just a question left, how much woud costs this GFX if someone (maybe me) wanna buy it for their game?


why does he hold a famas
and arms are TOO realistic for other things

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I don’t think it really matters, watch, they’ll add a season 2 and they’ll probably end up holding a completely different gun.

The only thing I’d recommend better blending for the shape on his forehead. The circle part of the image looks a little flat on his face as if it hasn’t properly been blended onto the face.

Other than that it looks amazing.

Looks good! the text on the gun kinda takes you out of it tho. maybe add it in the corner so people can still know you did it, but still cool!

woah, I like hoe detailed it is. Looks like if someone made a squid game roblox costume.

WOW! Absolutely a 10/10, you’ve clearly put a lot of effort into this icon. The lighting is amazing and I really love realistic textures. How much time did it take for you to render it though. :laughing:

first off background and everything don’t fit second of stop making the skin black, those are gloves, third off gun has weird reflections and he his holding it WEIRD fourth off the circle should not be like that and then thats it i guess its nice