Feedback on "Squid Game" inspired lobby and map

Hello everyone!

Development of ‘The Glass Bridge’ and lobby for my “Squid Game” inspired project is complete. This is my first game so please leave some feedback below! I’m currently in a dilemma on whether or not to continue the game because this has already been done by many developers, but regardless I would really appreciate any critiques or any comments in general that could help me make this game more successful!

Showcase Video


Woah! That looks really good, the only thing that needs improvement, in my opinion, is the lighting in the main area, other than that it’s very good and detailed.


Wow! This is so cool, great work on it.
It looks so big if I can compare it with a normal Roblox character. Nice job :star2:


Not to be offensive, but it’s not really “inspired”. All of the squid game games are just blatant copies, same with yours. While I commend you for your great building skills, as it does look very good, it shows no creativity. I feel as though a lot of these games, though well done, and sometimes well built, it shows a complete lack of creativity, and shows a lot of the devs that other devs are just here for a quick buck. (I’m not saying you’re here for it), but a lot of the devs doing this “trend” are.

I especially dislike when developers say their game is inspired, when it’s just… Not. It’s a bit of my pet peeve.

Anywho, otherwise; It looks really good, and shows off your building very well!


Maybe the other squid games inspired him to make his game. :+1:


While it is understandable that you are skeptical about the intentions of our development, we can assure you that our intentions are pure. After visiting many of the “Squid Game” related experiences, it was evident that many of them were indeed cash grabs with little effort. This realization paired with my friend, and my hopes of developing a game on Roblox, we thought that this would be a great endeavor. It was our goal to invest time into our own adaption of the game, not for monetary purposes, but to have a great time and showcase our building skills.


The lighting in the main area will definitely be fixed, thank you for your feedback!


Reminder that enabling shadows for every light does not make your build look good, nor does making the lighting super dark for no reason.