Feedback on Studio-Made Thumbnails

Hello Everyone!

I made some thumbnails for some fantastic creatures that i made!

Programs Used:

PhotoScape X

Roblox Studio (because blender is super complicated for me)

Any feedback aceppted, Thank you! :heart:


I think they all look very cool, I like the unique style you went for. Although, the top one is just not very visually appealing. The skybox is not a very good decal, you can see the seams in it. You can also see the point where the baseplate (water?) ends. I would suggest maybe adding some fog and some colored lighting.

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trust that blender is not complicated at all, as long as you get used to it, like everything else

Yeah i know, but i choose the studio for a very good reason: it has very realistic lightning, also i made the models with CSG (Unions), so i can’t convert unions to meshes.

I like them all, though I think the top one could have a dark blueish tint to it

They look very nice if you used studio to make them, I like the bat the most.

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