Feedback on superdetailed hanging sign with scripts

Today I made this hanging sign.

With this, I had three goals in mind:

  • Create something that could give me attribution in commissions.
  • Attempt to add even more details into my build ( @Crazedbrick1 :wink: )
  • Utilize scripting.

I used os.time() and inserted a NumValue which would contain the unix time of when I made the model, and used math.round() to convert to days to achieve this.

How well did I do in this sign?

  1. No wires powering the sign. :pensive:

  2. The poles are too thin to support the sign.


Thin poles… What if someone was to hit the sign?
Great work!


Going with what @Crazedbrick1 said, if that’s neon shouldn’t the letters and words be connected? Much like a neon sign in real life?


Its really nice! I like how you add the wall part to it! You should add some realistic lighting effects to it. :+1:

looks great you even added screws but it needs a thicker poll

some would need to call an ambulance


10/10 :star_struck: :star_struck: Also, did you use any parts or was everything a mesh? It’s just a little question. :slight_smile:

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I feel like the poles/wires/whatever its called are too thin too even support the sign. If you touched that it would fall off!

It looks cool, I like how you used neon colors! The neon fits the sign well. I do agree with what everyone else is saying though; the pole should be a bit bigger to look more realistic, but other than that great job. :slight_smile:

Pretty good! I do agree with both of @Crazedbrick1’s points though, but other than that it’s pretty good! Keep up the great work. :slight_smile:

Not all neon signs have letters connected.

Also, I actually used 3D brightness GUI for this. I find it very useful.

I am an all parts person. I use meshes to reduce lag, however no need with this sort of model. The model is too small and basic to require optimization methods.

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