Feedback on Supermarket Tycoon!

Feedback on Supermarket Tycoon!

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@xuN8 - Programmer
@Switchlevel1 - Modeler and UI pictures

Ugh, another tycoon game? We couldn’t agree more. No one wants to hear about another one of those, and yet that’s precisely why we decided to make one.

There’s a stigma forming around the classic button-and-conveyor tycoons. So many of them are cash cows and clickbait that they have become synonymous with these practices in the Roblox community.

Although games like Lumber Tycoon 2, Theme Park Tycoon 2, and Restaurant Tycoon may seem like exceptions to this issue, in terms of gameplay, they can hardly be considered in the same category. There needs to be a bridge.

While Supermarket Tycoon is by no means the only solution, it attempts to help amend these underlying problems by expanding on the traditional gameplay model rather than abandoning it entirely.

So, after six months of development, our team is excited to finally release our game to the public! Check it out here: Supermarket Tycoon! - Roblox

Please give the game a try, we’ll gladly accept all the feedback we can get!

Gameplay footage and features showcase:

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Here is an interior view of the electronics store, one of the currently available tycoon levels.

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Here is a view at another unique tycoon level: the local store!

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Local Store Interior Review - YouTube

Players can modify certain items in order to personalize their tycoons.

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V2 - YouTube

There are loads of unique spots to hang out across the map!

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While most tycoons purely use Roblox gears, we decided to modify them to better suit our game. See some of your favorites remastered for R15 compatibility, sporting new looks, animations, and sounds!

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V4 - YouTube

Random in-game events such as cash rain can modify your earnings, allowing for a more dynamic playthrough.

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V10 - YouTube

Here’s a showcase of switching from a finished tycoon to another one. Higher level tycoons will unlock consecutively as you complete them. Tycoon unlocks save, but not the actual purchases within a tycoon. (Possibly adding autosave in the future)

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V9 - YouTube

And one of the most innovative features in this game: the photo system! There are emotes, poses, rotatable stickers and text, and lighting. Snap photos and send them to other players for viewing! They currently save per session only, but if the game gets enough love, we plan to implement Datastore for this in the future.

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V8 - YouTube


This dude is missing an arm, and also how come the other characters have proper animations but he just stands there?
Its a bit OP how this gear makes it so that you can explode people around you.

Also the game doesnt save your progress. But I do like the building animation!


There are a few bugs that we weren’t aware of prior to launch but they’ll get sorted very soon. As for saving, tycoons currently save checkpoint-style as you complete each level, but we’ll definitely add proper saving in the future. Thanks for your input!

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