Feedback on Survive the Teapots of Doom: Deluxe

As the title suggests, this is Survive the Teapots of Doom from the early days of Roblox, but deluxe.
Me and another friend of mine have been working on this for quite a while now, and this includes some new features! It’s really fun to develop for, and I’d love some feedback to make the game better.

Here’s a list of features we have added so far:

  • a map system to keep the game from getting boring
  • “random events” that make the game harder or easier depending on luck
  • music system that’s full of old roblox songs or songs related to old roblox
  • new ui with a caption that you can say stuff with

A list of features that we have planned for the game:

  • shop system so you can buy emotes, death animations, etc.
  • community created content that users submit in a discord server and may get added in if it’s good enough
  • menu system
  • boss rounds

But yeah, enough of that. Here’s the game link. Keep in mind this game is still very early in development (we literally started development 5 days ago, i only made the place 3 days ago)

seriously hope i didn’t break any rules by posting this here

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This sounds great, once I get time to play the game, I will absolutely leave feedback here! Reviving a classic Roblox game is a good idea to keeping the game style alive.

A small little update so that way this doesn’t get flooded in the topics being made:
I upgraded the music list so that way it has:
“Build your Own Game”
“Explore ROBLOX”
“Explosive ROBLOX Demo” themes in them now.
I spent like 30 minutes searching through old roblox videos to get some more tracks.

I made a mockup of what the title screen may be, although a lot of things will definitely change.

Game has been updated with this new stuff.

The UI looks kinda off, I suggest making a translucent frame around all the text. I also think Teapot Anger should be centered near the top of the screen, since it’s important.

The teapots seem to just slide instead of bouncing, different but I think the bouncing teapots have way more ‘chaos’ to them. And because of their sliding mechanics, you can easily find a path by sticking to the edge of the pathways.

Also teapots should do 100 damage. Nice game though, love the idea of someone recreating it and adding more features.

Thank you for the feedback! Expect an update tommorow or later today.

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The games not bad. But to be honest, this will never replace the original(I’m not saying I hate it). One thing you should change is the spawn time for the teapots should be randomized between spawns.

The teapot’s spawning rate is actually dependant on how angry they are. Higher the anger, faster they spawn. I don’t see why we’d need it to be randomized.
Also, that’s fine. I never wanted to replace it anyways.

Update 1.08

UI has been updated, teapot anger is now at the top of the screen
Teapot’s physics have been changed to be more bouncy, like the original
Teapots now do 100 damage
Menu now has an options menu, you can only mute music through there now
New mode: HARDCORE! It makes the game even harder by slowing down the player, and much more.

Very fun game, only a few things I noticed

  • Teepot anger level got REALLY high, around 17. That was nearly impossible, if not impossible (especially with the randomized bouncing)
  • The robots on the second level didn’t really look like robots, they just seemed like dummies taken from Studio. Maybe add a robot head onto them, and make their limbs diamond plate? Just a suggestion, don’t need to listen to it
  • There were almost too many bottlenecks, where it was very frusterating. I would try to widen them, so a teepot isn’t flung into you the second you step into the bottleneck (by bottlenecks, I mean tight, small areas, like where the teepots spawned).
  • A few of the server events were broken, like invincibility and speed boost. I thought I was invincible, then ran right into a teepot. . . and died instantly.

A few things you might add (to enhance gameplay experience):

  • This game would be VERY hard on mobile. I would suggest adding in an “easy” mode, so you can make it easier, just as you have a “hard” mode. This will help the mobile users (and users like me)
  • You might want to add in a few more game modes. This may include teepot pacman-style game, or any other teepot minigames. This will enhance variety, and keep users in for more than 5 minutes.
  • Bring in other old games. Refrence old Roblox games, and maybe add them into your own!

Those are just my suggests and comments, a bit of constructive criticism. It is a very unique, fun game!

Things you did well:

  • The teepot bouncing was very nice, and smooth.
  • I enjoyed the overall experience
  • Nice, simple UI, and easy-to-understand game.
  • Nice challenge.
  • A unique experience, unlike many other Roblox Games.

Overall, great job!

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What I mean by the randomized spawn rate is something like this:
maxtime = (3 seconds - (anger * 0.1))
loopwait = math.randomseed(2, maxtime)
at the end of each loop, it would set a new spawn rate for the teapots(just don’t make them local values, or else they wont work)

After playing the game for a little bit, I’ve noticed that when I die, the respawn time is just too long. I feel like the respawn time should be .25 or .50 seconds, so people can get back into the game without having to wait for a long period of time.

Overall, I think the game is great! Can’t wait to see what this game has to offer in the future!

Thanks for all of your feedback! I have made a quick update to hopefully fix any issues you guys had with the game:

  • teapot level is now clamped, so it can’t go past 15 anymore
  • respawn time has been changed
  • fixed server events

Quick side note however: the robot models in the game are placeholders. Eventually, they’ll be replaced with an actual model and not just a dummy grabbed from Studio.

I know it’s been a while, but I actually developed on the game for a little bit because I felt like it. I added some new random events, here they are:

  • Supercharged Teapots! You don’t want to mess with them.
  • Duck event. It’s exactly how it sounds, ducks fall on you.

that’s really all lol, I just wanted to post this.