Feedback on Sweet Tooth game icon

Hi. I’m looking for feedback on my icon for my game Sweet Tooth


I started running sponsors and 1 ad on the game last night at about 7pm EST, and the results have been pretty good since then as our visit count and concurrent player count has been drastically boosted, but I’m looking to increase the CTR of my sponsors as I feel it is currently subpar.


Our ad has been doing considerably better, with a CTR that has hovered around 1%

I think I need to somehow improve the game icon

  • Should I increase the size of the logo inside the icon?
  • Does it need to be flashier somehow? It already feels very colorful.
  • Do I need to add a clickbait “NEW” tag on it or something?
  • Should I go in a different direction entirely, and put a character in the icon instead of the game logo?

Let me know what you think about the icon in its current state and tell me how I can improve it!


Yeah I personally feel the icon is pretty small, I can barely read It out. I also personally think the icon is fine besides that. But yeah update tags on games definitely attract some players as they try new games.

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Hey! Great logo! The only thing I could suggest is changing the amount of “chocolate” that comes out of the logo, it’s kind of a bit much! :smiley:

I think the logo is the perfect size right now! Not to big, not to small!

I agree, but you might want to change the colors up since they all very similar. Maybe instead of the background being the game, just have it as like pink with stripes!

Well, no not really, you could add something that says like; update one or something!

Why not do both?!

You have to make it bright. Think about who you’re advertising to; children on roblox. You gotta catch their eye with bright and colorful animals/people!

Btw, I love your games!