Feedback on Sword Game Lobby

Hi, currently developing a new game lobby with my team. We used an indoor theme so we could control the environment and how we want the lighting more precisely.

A little about the game (so you get a general sense of what the lobby should feel like). Sword fighting tournament where you can duel opponents in various maps to win coins to purchase cosmetics and custom swords. Crafting system is on the second floor around the book.

My main goal of the lobby is to make it as interesting as possible for the players.

I have come to ask what I could possibly add to the lobby to improve it whether it be the color scheme or the architecture itself. Maybe even what to add and/or remove. Any feedback would mean a lot.

Link to the game:

Images if you aren't available to look in-game.


Your lobby looks pretty good.

The colors you’ve used are absolutely perfect, and the architecture is absolutely beautiful.
In my opinion, there isn’t anything that needs improvement.


Absolutely terrific. The colour blend well and every aspect was at its finest. The walls seem a little plain, consider adding a few pictures.

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