Feedback on sword

Hello! Here’s a basic sword i made. Could i get some feedback on it? I wanna know if there’s anything i should add. Thanks for the feedback guys!

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As it is supposed to be a basic sword, it’s quite good looking. I recommend maybe using neon parts or things that would make it more attractive if you’re gonna use it for any future projects.

Maybe make the blade longer, typically blades are longer then the handle


It’s a bit short to be called a sword. It looks more like a dagger or a knife.

One potential gripe is that it could cause lag if many, many players are using it, but that’s if you’ve used blocks. It may be a good idea to transfer your part excesses into meshes.

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You should try spacing everything out to match the proper theme your going for! Although it is not as detailed as some of the swords try using some techniques to add a few touches even in a basic approach your going for.

I definitely suggest you try following some reference images while trying to make models for your very first time it’s quite large that it’ll be quite odd for players holding the object.

As by looking at your sword, you can add many details to the blade and the whole model that can improve the overall look of the sword. It kind of has that blocky approach which I’m assuming your wanting?

Hey! :wave:

It looks good, but in my opinion you could:

  • Make the blade longer
  • Make the handle thinner
  • Maybe try designing the blade to look sharp. (Note: I don’t know how it looks from other angles)

That’s all, I like the colors!

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a longer blade and add some neon parts and then it will be perfect lol

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