Feedback on Teaser

This is one work from Delirium that me and my team made. Try to solve this riddle!

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Including something that is visually interesting would help. If the teaser only comprises of words there are a couple problems. First is that people may not trust in your ability to make a game. Anyone can write a quick cryptic message. Making a compelling image takes a little more craftsmanship. Second is that the viewer may not trust in your ability to make a satisfying payoff to your text. For all I know, entering this binary into a converter could just lead to some bland, uninteresting message. The dynamic would be different if you had already showed something interesting w/o requiring anything from the viewer.


Creepy. Will this be a horror game?


I have removed the Binary Code and we do include screenshots. Delirium : Horror Game - Help and Feedback / Cool Creations - DevForum | Roblox , But it was in another topic. Thank you for your feedback!

The button color is almost unclear. I suggest you change it to a brighter color.

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Thank you for the feedback. I’ll try to improve my teasers in the future.


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