Feedback on teaser/video

I need some feedback for a 3 minute teaser/trailer for a upcoming game of mine.

Please note this video only displays the map, and not ingame features!

(Feel free to reply with suggestions on how to make the map or the video better)

It doesn’t really do much to interest the viewer. Think of a movie trailer, they usually capture the attention with the first few seconds, and keep building on that momentum. When you’re advertising a game, you’re advertising to a player with a short attention span, so you should be focusing on the features, and everything they can do, in a fast paced format. Try and tell/convey a story in the teaser.


Thank you for the feedback I will put this into high consideration, and make my next trailer more attention grasping!

Hey, first off, wrong category, switch it to #development-support:art-design-support second off, The animation is bland, all you do is give a your with no jump scares, no things to be looking at that might interest the play, nothing. I’m sorry if this came off rude. You need to spice it up somehow, jumpscares would be nice. And almost 3 minutes for a ROBLOX trailer, that isn’t the best. I suggest just 15-20 seconds. It would be best if you could fit everything fun, amazing, scary, and juicy about your game, and figure out a way to make it look nice in 15-20 seconds, your trailer would be way better. It’s not bad right now, but it needs work. Sorry if this came off rude, just had it say it agian, cause I’m nice, lmao. But anyways, good luck with your future work! :smile: Hopefully this animation comes out great!

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Hey KaiserLerma, great work so far!

The map itself seems fine, but the video could use a few touch ups. One main thing you want to look for when creating a video is is something grasping. You want to have suspense, or something intriguing that makes you think about it. This reminds me more of a tour of a showcase, but with some work it could easily become a great trailer! You want to explain the game a little more too, and explain why people should play it. The beginning of the video also seems to be pretty effects-intensive, and I recommend cutting them out or shortening the amount of time as it can draw away from the map itself.

Good luck on your game, hope it comes out the way you want it!

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Thanks for information ill make sure to use this on my next video!

  • This is really long and tiring to watch in my opinion, I think you should try jump cuts because the panning and slow movement of the camera is hard to keep watching.

  • 3:00 is too long for a teaser showing building. In this day of age, I recommend 30 seconds or less.

  • Sync the video with the music, maybe on the noticeable parts in the song you can make another jump cut. Here’s a good video tutorial on what I mean:

Thanks for the feedback I’ll try to do this in the next video!

Good choice of background music and camera movements

Lighting looks a bit weird on the fountain scene, with some parts being too bright and others being too dark. Also have you tried using shadow map in the video?

I’m not sure what you mean by shadow map could you explain it to me a little bit?

Really great video! The audio is fine and the TV effect is great.

But I want to think for a second on the point of view of the watcher.
Personally I think trailers should be intense and have really fast scenes in oreder to make whoever is watching wonder “what in the heck is going on?”

In your trailer you did relly smooth camera view good job, but the thing is they are kind of slow and need more fast action.

Also I am aware that you said this video is just for the maps but just some tips for the the future if you ever going to add some more features to this.

A good example would be the Undertale trailer, this trailer shows most of the mechanics the game really rapidly and even sums up the whole story of the game in just one funny shot
“The friendly rpg where no one has to die” and also considering the great music and intense happenings.

You see, even though everything shows up for a couple of seconds the watcher still understands what everthing is about but also with a bit “I wonder what that is?”

Anyhoo I think this is my suggestion for future updates on it
Again great video and i really like how you made the door fade at the end

And another minor suggestion is adding shortening the bit where the screen goes black at first and maybe adding a suspencion sound effect there so everything starts out scary but the funky music makes everything unlike.

The map itself looks interesting and nice but there are a few things that should be changed.

-As SimplifiedCode suggested, 3 minutes is too long and it should be 30 seconds.
-While it looks good as a map showcase it does not do anything to entice me into playing the game. What is the game about? Whats the objective? The video as of now answers nothing and it wouldn’t make me interested.
-To improve, it should show some gameplay mechanics and should display to the viewer why they should be interested in your game. It is a good start though and the effects look very nice!

Personally, I don’t like the trailer. It doesn’t seem appealing, and I wanted to skip some parts of the trailer since it felt really boring. I’d recommend to start the trailer with a “hook” to grab the viewer’s attention. After that, it goes into a calm start and it builds up in intensity until then it leaves into a cliffhanger. From there, the viewer won’t know what would happen and have to play the game to figure it out. It makes the viewer question what is going to happen.

It’s like the Undertale trailer @starmaq sent, it starts off with a calm intro, then it slowly becomes more and more action-packed.

The map looks nice. I have no idea what the game is going to be about after watching it, though, and the camera panning is boring and far too long.