Feedback on temple

this is my first time building a temple and I wanna know what yall think


This temple looks good but it got 4 lackings.

1st : Color : Maybe you can add different colors but not just shabby ones a bit of mud type would do good.

2nd : Capture
As you can see in this image a part of your stair got faded with the base.

3rd : Decoration : Maybe adding some ancient stuff and vines might give it a proper look.

4th : your temple edges are too sharp so makes it kinda blocky.

I hope you fix this and your temple will turn out great.

Good job on the entrance. I liked it. :+1:


Hello you can call me Tank nice to meet you. So far the best thing I see is pretty much the building on top of the stairs! like bro the entrance and the roof? plus the pillars?! like that some nice detail man.

So here comes the feedback on what you could work on

  • Right now you could add some more details on like the outer area on this part like adding some kind of huge massive pillar with some creative coloring on it.

  • another thing you could work on is another type of coloring (maybe orange?) that would make it more “exciting” to look at.

  • design. maybe you could add some type of design like engraving some symbols on it? (maybe a spiral or lines?)
    Anyways thats all the helpful feedback that could make your build better.


• Stairs are slightly off.
• Just using one color can make things look dull and unappealing.

It’s good, but it can be improved!