Feedback on Tentacle Sword?

Created this tentacle sword off my friends concept art.

I know I’m missing the suction cups but I can’t seem to make them correctly
All feedback is appreciated!


this looks amazing but where’s the handles? are the handles going to be the tentacles?

would suggest a longer tentacle going through the four as it looks very vivid

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Hi, just wanted to say, most sword are flat and aren’t sharp until the very end:


So maybe try this. Good job though.


Heres the concept art made by my friend

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Yeah, note how:

  1. The sword gets a bit larger at the base and then gets smaller
  2. The sword is 3D, it’s larger in the middle
  3. The eye has expressions, and is more detailed
  4. There are suction cups.

Just change those 4 things and you should be good. ⸜( ˙ ˘ ˙)

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It looks good, but I would recommend adding that seam-line in the middle like it shows on this sword:


Looks pretty good.
The sword looks pretty small, but it’s really good looking.

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Looks pretty good!
Heres my only suggestion:

  • I’d make the sword a little longer, and make the eye bigger, just so that it looks like everything is the same size.

But other than that, it looks amazing! :smile:

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So I’m more into scripting and don’t really do this.
I’m gonna use this sword to explain.
For this sword it doesn’t just go straight up it moves around. It is not very straight its smaller at the end and gets bigger in the middle and smaller at the beginning. You could make the sword shiny as well.

This is an octopus and squid’s eye. The squid is more round both the eye and the pupil like yours. (I’m just guessing that you are going for an octopus.) The octopus has an eye like a coin slot or more rectangular. Your pupil is small and round with isn’t like the octopus’s.
image image

In the photo below it has a lot of different angles on the tentacle. I would recommend looking at photos like this and others. I will include some photos of tentacles, swords, and the eyes of an octopus if you want to use them. In yours you don’t have the carpal suckers which I think they are called on yours. Also they are even on both sides which you should move them in a different way to make it look more tentacle like if that makes sense. As you can see on the photo below the tentacles are very thick. So the handle is a big too big. I’ll include some other photos that you could us.

image image image
I hope this helped!

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It looks fine, but it seems a bit plain, and although you cant seem to do the suction-cups properly on the tentacles, I feel like you should still try to experiment with it a bit more. The tentacles look a bit strange (I can’t really tell why but it might have something to do with the placement and rotation) and the blade doesn’t really work very well here. Other than that it looks pretty nice

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