Please give me idea’s on what to improve on this horrid dress up game :sob:

I don’t script so it was basically all free model’s. I wasted 500 robux on ads for this and I have absolutely no idea why.


Do you want my honest opinion, or not?


Honest Opinion. I’m not even a builder so please.

If you say it’s terrible then it must be terrible. If the creator deems it terrible than what else is there to say.

Alright. I do not like it. It’s blatant that everything in the game are free models.

Don’t make a game that you can’t make, so you don’t use free models. You gotta start with things you can do, and then progressively make bigger and bigger things.

Don’t use free models. It won’t help you get better at developing and you could end up getting a virus in one.

If you had made it yourself, I would give normal feedback, but since you used free models, I have to give you an entire lecture to not use free models.

Yeah. Just don’t use free models.


I want to know what to improve though. I know the project isnt going to go anywhere but I like to see progress unlike animation, where I dont think much of it.

I played the game for 30 seconds. Right off the bat, the game is almost entirely free models, and I can think of the only things that are not free models are the greenscreens and floor. All it is is face morphs, and hairs, and clothing. Its barely a dress up game, cause there are no visible hats to equip.

TLDR: It is pathetic, extremely low effort, and lazy

Sorry if i’m being harsh, but this is my honest feedback.

I spent like an hour on it so yeah, your correct. LOl

Just a disclaimer, I’m not this trash. I just didnt want to spend any time on this build but I wanted to see something good.

Does that make sense?

I think you just gave yourself feedback.

Title: ‘Feedback on a terrible build’

What do you find terrible about the game? If you know that, you know what to improve.
Good luck!