Feedback on Test animations

Idle + Walk cycle + Hostile Idle

Idle + Correct Walk cycle

Reload Animation


Animations look great except the walk, which needs work. First the legs are moving too fast for the distance covered. Use the animation speed property or spread out the keyframes to slow it down. Second, bend the knees, this guy is walking too stiffly. Lastly, exaggerate everything else more. Get dramatic. Swing the shoulders, twist the head. Give this guy some swagger. He’s an action hero, give him that vibe. Think about a style for this guy and then incorporate that into everything he does. Is he cool, sharp dressed man? Then maybe in one of the idles anims, he breaths on his fingernails and polishes them on his chest. Is he tough? Have him flex his arms everyone to check out his biceps. Is he a wannabe super hero? Pumps his arms dramatically when he runs, pointing the fist up. You want people to see something in the animations that reveals something about his underlying character. Put something in there that is going to tell his story. I hope this helps. Keep up the good work!


I completely agree with YosemiteMe. The idle animations look fantastic but I think that the walk cycle looks a bit stiff. I also feel like he is leaning forward just a bit too much in his walking animations as he is only walking and not full on sprinting. Other than that, what YosemiteMe said, adding some unique animation details that would point out your character’s personality is an awesome idea and will really bring these to life and make them stick out. I Cant wait to see how these are doing in a few days! Good luck! :grin:

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Well in my eyes every animations are great, except the reload one

A shotgun doesnt reload like that

Keep doing it’s very good !

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It looks great except for the Walk & Reload animations. Try moving the hips in both of the animations. Also, try walking and act like reloading IRL and observe how your hands, legs, and hips move. You will notice movement that you would never think off. this will help make your animations look more natural! I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Knees need to bend way more on the walk cycle so that the feet actually lift of the ground.
When you pull back on the gun in the animation it’s a little too smooth.
Maybe spread the legs a little more on the idle, No one really stands like that lol.


Can you show me an example of a better walk cycle?

Ofcourse, keep in mind that I used moon animator for this. I don’t know what you use for animations.

Notice how the upper legs move up and down, even slightly forwards. Meanwhile the knees bend to avoid contact with the floor. I know that in real life you don’t bend your knees nearly as much when walking but roblox avatar proportions aren’t realistic at all so yeah lol

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