Feedback on Testing Advertisement Plan

I want to get some feedback about how successful some developers think my advertisement plan will be. The goal of this plan is to test the advertisements before launching the full advertisement campaign. I’d want feedback on what I could change about this testing plan to make the advertisements more successful off the bat.

The plan is to test analytics and data of that sort. How do you think I could change my plan to ensure my advertisements are successful?

The Plan

Advertisements will run on a scheduled plan. Upon release, 3 different advertisements will be tested. These will run as analytical testers and will fetch analytical data, user feedback, and user engagement. These testing advertisements will allow future advertisements to become more engaging and more interactive with the player base. Advertisements will run as followed:

  • An advertisement will run every other day on the days of Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.
  • R$750 will be used for each advertisement. Each advertisement will be run for a total or 3 cycles (See above point).
  • This will measure the click rate, engagement rate, and will provide feedback allowing a more targeted advertising experience.

Once analytical data is collected, methods of targeting such as device, days of the week, funds allocated towards each advertisement, and time of day along with the graphic style to make the advertisement more appealing. Advertisements are considered successful and ready for real advertising if the following criteria is met:

  • ¾ of the sponsors have a CPC (Cost per Click) of less than .1 - .5% of total sponsor budget.
  • There are greater than 3000 clicks per sponsor.
  • Total impressions are greater than 50000.
  • Attributed Plays are greater than 40% of total people who click on the sponsor.

If the advertisement is unsuccessful, attributes of the sponsor will be modified. Testing cycles will be run until the above successful criteria is met. Modified attributes include:

  • Budget per sponsor.
  • Days of the week sponsors are run.
  • Time of day sponsors are run.
  • Devices sponsors are targeted towards.
  • Graphic style of the advertisement to make the ad more appealing to the eye.

Thanks for your feedback,

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