Feedback on the 1st Welcome Screen I have ever made

Here it is Bloxburg Inspired (Its not perfectly alined because I took picture in studios. Its more centered in game)

If you want one

Quite a good UI, I’m not a UI designer myself but Pretty sure you can use the Scaling sizing and positioning for more alined UI, Also the Credits are mispelt. Seems quite bright. Maybe go a darker grey

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Thanks Sounds good.

Thats my Fault

I said that above

Yes but using the scaling will make it alined no matter the size of the screen. People have different screen sizes so keep that in mind

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Not bad however there are somethings.
First, you should add a background.
Also, the Font is pretty bland.
other than that looks great.

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The background is a bit transpartent white

Which Font? The Welcome font or the things around it?

Which Background you like better?(Also this is a little bit of a new design)

The Gray

The White

really? I couldn’t notice it.
Yes i mean the welcome font.

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