Feedback on the... art i guess?

ok so, do you remember the mask from my other feedbacks? nice.
just the true body of the mask from my roblox game



I love the way you colored the mask, looks cute tho

fun fact about it : the mask is actually a 3D model

its cute, only few things i see that could have some improvement is to make sure you clean up your lines since the neck/shoulder area looks a little bit jagged and to make sure everything stays in the lines


Looks good over all. Would recommend adding a background and using effects like let’s say lightning or sparkles or whatever. I like the detailing on the mask and the use of colors. I like the shadow effect you kept under the mask. Overall practice and hard work will result to a increase in demand of your art. Great work :slight_smile: Good luck in future commissions.

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thanks. i will try to add a background when my ban is over.

(if you ask why, simply got banned for pixel art)

I love the mask! Tip for me is that to practice w/o hiding hands (can create bad habits). Color the lineart in a darker shade, and add lighting to the mask too

Hey! The mask reminds me of the ender dragon (not making fun how it looks). It looks very good, and keep up the work.

Awh!!! It’s adorable, it’s so cute omg. :pleading_face:Anyways, I personally love it!! Even though I’m really bad at drawing, I’d try to make the proportions look a little bit more realistic (not a huge deal, i assume it’s meant to have more of a Chibi style than a realistic one). I’d personally try to make the lines of the skirt “actual lines” or make the line consistant, straight, sorry I can’t find the word LOL. Basically, in your skirt, it seems to go like “roundified zig zags”, more like “waves”. When in an actual skirt, it should be a straight line or a line that goes along the skirt if it’s like, sort of folded if you get what I mean.