Feedback on the atmosphere and style of my roblox horror game

I have been working on the game for about a week and I was wanting so general feedback on the atmosphere im going for, the game will also probably have an OST and is very similar to outlast.


The atmosphere and overall style is actually pretty nice.

I think I get what type of atmosphere you’re going for, like a sort of abandoned, lone game? Just the vibes I’m getting from it.
Lighting looks great, but I have one suggestion; maybe turn up the Contrast a bit?
Other than that, the models, materials, and lighting looks very clean.

I think it could look even better if you continue refining it, sick job. :+1:


It looks really good, I would play it. Maybe make some places inside darker that have no windows near them since that is how ambient in real life works, that’s about all I have


It’s good, but it probably won’t run on my pc, so that’s a big red flag


Ill try to make a low quality setting so everyone can play

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