Feedback on The Bloody Moon [Showcase]

I created with @luky119 showcase called The Bloody Moon

:link: Link of game: The Bloody Moon [Showcase] - Roblox

:link: Link of trailer: Trailer The Bloody Moon - Youtube

There are 2 main locations - Old graveyard and ruined castle
:point_right: We recommend going by candles or you can get lost in the forest

I also created my first skinned meshpart Crow (+ animation) and I am very proud of it :eyes:

Picture of Crow

We would like to know what do you think about it or what we should improve and add… :thinking:

@luky119 - builder, logo creator
@supertom145 - scripter, builder



First of all, I love the art style in your game. It looks really nice.

One thing that could help the player’s experience is the footstep sound. The default sound does not really match with the games setting. I would look in the toolbox and see if you can find a script that does that. It will give off a better vibe.

Also, I would remove the donation board from the spawn area. I would make it a GUI. This is only because all of that brightness kind of kills the theme.


Overall, I like the game and it’s art style. But some things could be altered to make the game’s theme a bit better. Nice work!

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Thank you for your feedback. I like your idea with footstep sound and I am going to add it. :+1:

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By the way, I would like to ask you, if you had any lags?

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No, it runs pretty well for me.

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Okay, I am sorry for this late question - I was busy.
I found out by badges that you didn’t visit main places - graveyard and ruins of castle.

I would like to ask you… you didn’t know where to go or you were lost? :thinking:

I still wonder why many players didn’t visit these places…

Hmm, I may have not went deep enough into the game. Usually when I give feedback on games on the devforum I only play it for 5-10 minutes just to gather up my opinions and my thoughts on the game.

I think I just did not know where to go when I was playing it. One thing you could do to make the objective more clear is find a place on the screen and make a gui that says: Objective: Go to the graveyard or something like that.

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Gif Fireplace

:wave: Hello,
Since I made this topic I made for that game many updates:

  • added many new buildings - like tent with campfire, bench, scythe and more…
  • improved lighting
  • added some badges
  • added Guide to show to player all main things what he can see in that game but I don’t think it helped
  • improved design of gui
  • added secret
  • added footstep sound - but it stopped to work or idk what happened some days ago
  • optimized whole game

Thank you @BitMaster32 again for your feedback, what you provided me

I welcome any feedback and feel free to give me constructive critique :+1:

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It was nice to work with you, I think that we both learned a lot of new stuff.

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